6 Must-Have Items for Your Frames and Sunglasses

6 Must-Have Items for Your Frames and Sunglasses

A lot of people wear sunglasses, and we can't blame them. They make you look cool and protect your eyes from the harmful UVA/UVB rays. When it comes to frames and shades, you need a few items in your arsenal to make sure they protect your investment. Sunglasses are worn daily but stored improperly, exposed to the elements, and mistreated can lead to a shorter lifespan for the glasses themselves and high replacement costs in the long run. So to keep them looking and functioning like new, you need the following:


1. Microfiber Cloth

Regular cloths or tissue will leave lint behind and even scratch your lenses. On the other hand, microfiber is a special material that traps dust and removes smudges without scratches on the lens surface. It absorbs moisture and is safe to use on all types of lenses (glass or plastic), so it is also more environmentally friendly than paper tissues which create a lot of waste over time. A bonus tip: microfiber cloths or glass cleaning towels can be used for glasses, smartphones, tablets, and LCD screens too!


2. Lens Paper / Microfiber Stir Sticks

Lens paper is tissue specially made for cleaning lenses and removing dust and smudges without leaving any lint behind. If you would like to clean your lenses but cannot find lens paper around, check out another option: microfiber stir sticks which can be found in nearly every household nowadays because they are often included in cleaning kits.


3. Retail Store Hanger

It is essential to keep the shape of your eyeglasses or sunglasses by hanging them on a hanger designed especially for it. These retail display hangers are made from durable material, and their special design will enable you to hang up your glasses as if they were on display at an optical shop so that they don't get bent out of shape.


4. Glasses Case

Just like sunglasses, eyeglasses need protection against dust and damages while they're stored away at home. A good-quality glasses case will keep your eyeglasses away from dust and scratches, and if you're an active person, the chances are that sooner or later, your lenses will be scratched by keys or coins in your pocket, so it's better to be proactive than reactive.


5. Cleaning Spray for Lenses

To clean hard-to-reach areas of your lenses without using chemicals on the entire lens surface, opt for a cleaning spray which you can apply directly onto special cloths or tissues (the same ones used for lens cleaning) instead of spraying the liquid directly on the lenses themselves. This way, you can remove smudges and fingerprints along with dust particles. If necessary, use the brush in the kit to remove any leftover lint on the lens surface.


6. Lens Cleaning Brush

Don't be lazy, and keep in mind it's better to wipe smudges and dust off with a cloth before attempting to clean the lenses with a brush because if you don't, you'll end up pushing the dirt into your lens, which will make it even harder to clean later on! And one more thing: never use tissue or paper towels (they're made from wood fibers) for cleaning eyeglasses; they can scratch the lens surface. Neither should you use saliva to moisten the cleaning tissue as it contains minerals that may damage your lenses. The best way is to spray some cleaning liquid onto both sides of the cleaning tissue (or microfiber stir stick), which enables you to remove smudges and fingerprints and deep-clean the entire surface of your lenses.


Wrapping Up!

Storing your sunglasses is one of the simplest ways out there to lengthen their lifespan. That's because certain elements in your environment can cause irreversible damage to them, including excessive moisture, humidity, dirt, and dust.

Follow these tips to keep your eyeglasses and sunglasses in perfect condition for as long as possible!


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