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Vontélle was founded in 2019 to satisfy the demand for better-fitting vibrant, fashion-forward eyewear. Each of our products and accessories is designed and handcrafted to pay homage to our African ancestry with traditional colors and patterns that channel our African, Caribbean, and Latin heritage.  Our patterns use many textiles and designs from highly identifiable, recognizable and respected materials like mud cloth and kente cloth. These designs are tailored to empower humanity to see the world through a cultural and global lens. 

  • We fulfill prescriptions (readers, single vision and progressives) and offer custom lens color/tints including blue light blocker and/or polarized lenses in any pair of frames.  
  • We offer optical frames and sunglasses in sizes that compliment diverse faces.  Our research concluded that many of us are wearing ill-fitting glasses.  Vontélle wider bridges for your nose, longer temples for behind the ears and larger lenses for high cheekbones will fit comfortably on your face.  

Our products are meant to empower you to walk confidently in this world: at work, at play, for every occasion. Our commitment to celebratory ethnic eyewear fashion was born out of a need to create designs that are better fitting, durable, bold and beautiful as eyewear is a medical necessity and worn daily.

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Social Impact

Vontélle works to address vision health disparities in deserving communities. Each year, we commit a portion of proceeds to further vision support services for children and families in need. 

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Women In Need

Each year, we commit a portion of proceeds to further vision support services for children and families in need in deserving communities of color. We've partnered with WIN (Women In Need) a New York City organization with 14 shelters to provide proceeds and eyewear to women and families in need.

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Black Eyecare Perspective

Black Eyecare Perspective’s 13% Promise is a transformative commitment towards achieving equity in the eye care industry!In line with this vision, Black Eyecare Perspective deeply values its partnership with Black-owned eyewear brands, such as Vontélle Eyewear. This goal is furthered by the support of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), exemplified by distinguished Morgan State University alumni - Nancey and Tracy.

Vontélle, known for its culturally rich and diverse designs, exemplifies the innovation and inclusivity that Black Eyecare Perspective strives to promote in the eye care industry, highlighting the importance of representation and diversity in both education and professional sectors!

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