Our eyes are precious and delicate organs that require proper care and protection. Unfortunately, eye infections can occur due to various factors, leading to discomfort and potential vision problems. In this blog post, we will explore the causes of eye infections, the importance of eye protection, and whether using eye drops is a suitable treatment option. Vontélle is not only an eyewear brand that offers stylish frames but a company that is serious about eye health. So, let's dive in and learn how to keep our eyes healthy and infection-free.

Understanding Eye Infections

Eye infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or even fungi. Common symptoms include redness, itching, discharge, and sensitivity to light. These infections can be acquired through direct contact with contaminated surfaces, sharing personal items, or poor hygiene practices (must wash hands and keep fingernails clean). Below are a few popular infections: 

  • Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) is a common eye infection that causes inflammation of the tissues lining the eyelid (conjunctiva). It’s caused by allergens, irritants, bacteria and viruses, such as coronaviruses that cause the common cold or COVID-19. Treatment depends on the specific cause and includes eye drops, ointments, pills, water flushes and comfort care. 
  • Blepharitis, the medical term for irritated, swollen eyelids, is a common eye condition. It’s a chronic condition, but it’s not contagious. If you have oily skin or certain skin conditions, you may be more likely to develop blepharitis. You may be more at risk of developing blepharitis if you have diabetes, wear contact lenses, exposed to irritants like dust and chemicals, work or live in dry environments (includes spending a lot of time in air conditioning), don’t remove makeup thoroughly. Treatment varies - you may get a prescription for an antibiotic ointment such as erythromycin, bacitracin ophthalmic or Polysporin® for your eyelid or for antibiotic eye drops, such as a combination of polymyxin B and trimethoprim (Polytrim®). These treatments may help resolve bacterial infection and reduce irritation. Cases that persist may require an oral antibiotic, such as doxycycline or azithromycin.
  • Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of your skin and the tissue beneath your skin. Anyone can get cellulitis, but the risk is higher if you have a skin wound that allows bacteria to enter your body easily or a weakened immune system. Treatment includes antibiotics. A warm compress, elevation, compression and NSAIDs also help relieve your symptoms.
  • Stye is a painful red bump on your eyelid edge. Similar to an acne pimple, a stye forms when a tiny oil gland near the eyelashes becomes blocked and gets infected. Styes are very common and in many cases, you can manage a stye at home. However, some cases may require treatment by an eye care provider.

The Importance of Eye Protection

Prevention is key when it comes to eye infections. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection can shield your eyes from harmful sun rays, reducing the risk of developing conditions like cataracts or macular degeneration. Additionally, using proper eye protection during activities such as sports or working with hazardous materials can prevent injuries that may lead to infections. It is essential to choose eyewear that fits comfortably and provides adequate coverage.

  • A cataract is when your eye's natural lens becomes cloudy. Proteins in your lens break down and cause things to look blurry, hazy or less colorful.
  • Macular Degeneration is an eye disease that can blur your central vision. It happens when aging causes damage to the macula — the part of the eye that controls sharp, straight-ahead vision. The macula is part of the retina (the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye).

To Use or Not to Use Eye Drops

Eye drops can provide relief for certain eye infections, but it is crucial to consult with an eye care professional before using them. Improper use or the wrong type of eye drops may worsen the infection or cause other complications. Your eyecare specialist will determine the most suitable treatment, which may include antibiotics or antiviral eye drops. It is important to follow their instructions carefully to ensure the best outcome.


Introducing Vontélle Eyewear

Vontélle Eyewear offers a wide range of stylish frames for adults and children that are all prescription eligible that not only enhance your vision but also provide the necessary eye protection. Whether you wear prescription glasses or simply want to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, Vontélle Eyewear has you covered. Their frames are designed with both functionality and fashion in mind, allowing you to express your personal style while safeguarding your vision.

Protecting Your Vision 

Eye infections can be uncomfortable and potentially harmful to our vision. By understanding the causes of eye infections, prioritizing eye protection, and seeking appropriate treatment, we can minimize the risk and maintain healthy eyes. Remember to consult with an eye care professional before using any eye drops and consider investing in high-quality eyewear, such as the stylish frames offered by Vontélle Eyewear. Let's prioritize our eye health and enjoy a lifetime of clear and vibrant vision.

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