Hot Eyewear Trends: Styles, Shapes, and More!

Hot Eyewear Trends: Styles, Shapes, and More!

When you are looking for new ways to enhance your style or express yourself, what do you typically reach for? There are so many different accessories to choose from, such as belts and suspenders, or watches and rings. But, nothing can really beat a trendy new pair of frames! Whether they are just for looks, or serve an actual purpose with prescription lenses, spectacles can truly add the final touch that every outfit deserves. 

Eyewear companies around the globe are using innovation and creativity to provide amazing designs for your enjoyment. Living in the year 2021 really gives you the freedom to find a few pairs that suit your vibe. Here are some hot eyewear trends when it comes to styles, colors, patterns, and more!

Frame Styles

It’s safe to say that there are more styles of eyewear than one could count. Some people gravitate towards the thick, big frames, while others prefer thin, dainty frames. The best part of shopping for glasses is trying on various pairs to see which one best compliments your facial structure.

For those who are looking for eye-catching, feline femininity, consider reaching for cat eye frames. They come in different varieties such as rounded, petite, geometric, classic, and more. If you are looking for more of a subtle, cool touch, aviators are an absolute must. Aviators are lightweight, and usually feature relatively large and tinted lenses. But, you can always rock any of your eyewear with clear lenses as well! Some other popular frame styles for 2021 include oversized, transparent, double brow bar, flat top, heart-shaped, and so much more!

Frame Colors/Patterns

When you think of summertime, your mind should gravitate towards vibrant, warm colors and off-the-wall patterns. Think of the fashion changes you make as you transition from season to season. People tend to wear dark, muted outfits in the fall and winter, and brightly colored apparel in the summer! The same idea goes for eyewear. If there is any time to step outside your comfort zone, it’s during the summer season. Rock those neon yellow, hot pinks, and oranges!

Also, keep in mind that eyewear can come in a variety of patterns as well. From animal prints to tribal prints, and polka dots to tortoiseshell, patterned eyewear is definitely a hot trend in 2021. 

Shop Vontélle Stylish Eyewear

When it comes to meaningful colors and patterns, we at Vontélle take great pride in our authentic eyewear designs. Each of our styles and accessories is designed and handcrafted to pay homage to our African ancestry. Our patterns use many textiles and designs from highly identifiable, recognizable, and respected materials like mud cloth and kente cloth.

We fulfill prescriptions (readers, single vision and progressives) and offer custom lens color/tints including blue light blocker and/or polarized lenses in any pair of frames. If you are looking to enhance your summer eyewear collection to follow the current trends, shop our optical and sunglasses now!

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